Hi! My name is Dan Keidl (rhymes with “tidal”). I’m a graphic designer.
I specialize in brand identity, page layout and print media.
You can reach me at dan@dankeidl.com.
Here’s some of what I can offer:

Menu of Services

Plate of Brand IdentityBrand Identity


The logo is the centerpiece of any organization’s identity. Whether you are looking to start from scratch or need to expand your existing identity, I will take you through the process from concept to finished piece.

Color Scheme

In addition to your logo, having a consistent color scheme serves to tie your organization’s materials together. I will work with you to create a palette of colors that can be used in any situation.

Usage Guide

I will give you all the formats you need to promote your brand in high quality, in print, large format signs and banners, online and in social media. I will create a Usage Guide which clearly explains which kind of file is appropriate for each purpose.

Plate of Print MediaPrint Media

Brochures and Rack Cards

I will design a perfectly suited brochure or single-panel rack card, in a format you can post in a lobby, display at a convention booth, mail or stuff into grab bags.

Posters and Flyers

A poster or flyer is a superb way to get attention for your event, class or service, and I will prepare a design for a variety of quantities and budgets.

Business Cards

The almighty business card is how you make your first impression with your customers because it remains in their hands. I will create a card that conveys the style of your brand and makes your message and contact information pop.

Plate of Print MediaStationery

When communicating to potential or prior contacts, it is hard to beat the impact of a sharply-designed letterhead, envelopes or greeting and thank-you cards. I will design all your stationery items in a unified style and help you select paper.

Postcards and Mailers

One of the best ways to get the attention of a lot of people for a relatively small investment is the mailer card. I have experience working with post office regulations and will design your message for nearly any budget.

Specialty Media

There are diverse print products waiting to be brought to life. This includes book covers, dining menus, door hangers, folders, CD/DVD booklets and more. Let me know what you are looking for, and I will create a compelling design.

Plate of Page LayoutPage Layout

Booklets, Newsletters, Guides and Catalogs

A well-organized and clear publication is a necessary part of keeping your customers informed or running a successful event. I will prepare a document of any length including the text and artwork you provide, and stock imagery and custom design as necessary to make a distinct impression.

Plate of Actual FoodDigital Documents

PDF Conversion

I will convert Excel, Word, OpenOffice, and Google Docs forms into digitally-fillable PDF forms.

Savable PDF Forms

I will convert new or existing PDF forms into PDFs that can be saved by your customers and returned, even if they only have the free Adobe Reader.